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Monday, September 16, 2013

APPENDIX on the masculinity versus femininity scale of Hofstede.

This presentation of Hofstede's analysis of masculinity and femininity in cultures accompanies the Crossdreamer blog post on Gender Identity in Barbie Land.

Geert Hostede: Table combining data from the individualism/
collectivism  index and the masculin/feminine value index.
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Note that the IBM study's concept of masculinity versus femininity only can be used as a proxy for whatever it is these terms mean in the common language. In Hofstede's study masculinity and femininity is based on men's and women's attitudes to certain work related preferences.

Hofstede says that the decisive reason for labeling one of the work goals dimensions of the survey masculinity versus femininity was that "this dimension is the only one on which the men and the women among the IBM employees scored consistently differently".

The only exception to this rule was Sweden and Norway. Neither power distance, individualism or uncertainty avoidance showed a systematic difference in answers between men and women. (p. 139)

The masculinity versus femininity dimensions was most strongly associated with the following work goal items:

"For the masculine pole
1. Earnings: have an opportunity for high earnings
2. Recognition: get the recognition you deserve when you do a good job
3. Advancement: have an opportunity for advancement to higher-level jobs
4. Challenge: have challenging work to do -- work form which you can get a personal sense of accomplishment

For the feminine pole:

5. Manager: have a good working relationship with your direct superior
6. Cooperation: work with people who cooperate well with one another
7. Living area: live in an area desirable to you and your family
8. Employment security: have the security that you will be able to work for your company as long as you want.

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